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TrustedTabs is an online pharmacy specializing in a variety of medications, including anthelmintics, anti-bacterial, anti-depressant, antifungals, smoking cessation drugs, emergency contraceptives, erectile dysfunction treatments, painkillers, and many other drugs. These products are made by an Indian company, licensed and approved by the local State and FDA agency, respectively. In order to vouch for the quality of these medications, Trusted Tabs includes a certificate of analysis obtained the manufacturer’s laboratory with every order. Some of the drugs that can be ordered from are Cipro, Lipitor, Diflucan, Propecia, Fosamax and Levitra. You can read more here and be able to compare TrustedTabs with other similar online pharmacies.

TrustedTabs offers a diversity of prices, raging among $1.55, $2.11, $1.33, $1.44, $3.17, $0.67, $2.91, and $2.22 a pill, depending on the product that the customer intends to purchase. While most medications have only one dosage strength, ranging from 1mg and 20mg to 200mg and 500mg, others offer more variety, such as Sildenafil, available both in 100mg and 50mg, and Atorvastatin, available in 10mg, 20mg, and 40mg presentations. With this information you can compare prices between and other drug suppliers and see which one suits your budget better. This pharmacy does however have other features of interest.

For instance, customers are able to contact the pharmacy’s customer support staff with questions and comments. They may want to check the FAQ question though, since their query may be already be included as one of the frequently asked questions. Furthermore, potential customers may also read testimonials from previous clients, and see what they have to say about the pharmacy’s products and services, as well as news concerning related medical fields. In a final note, if a customer were to place an order, they should know that TrustedTabs does accept a few major credit cards.

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