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NorthwestPharmacy affirms to be a trusted Canadian online pharmacy which has been on the market for several years now. NorthwestPharmacy states to offer its customer’s affordable prices on all their products. The product categories that this online pharmacy offers are the following: Prescription, non prescription, personal care, nutrition and wellness products. Some of the products offered by this online drug store are the following: Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra, Lipitor, etc. is an online drug store where you can buy generic or branded prescription medications. This online pharmacy provides its customer’s up to 80% off  when you make a purchase of a product. If you are interested on buying a specific medication, which is not found in the discount product list, they still may be able to obtain the drug for you at their discount price. It is recommended to first contact them to be provided with the confirmation if the product is legit for a discount or not. Northwest Pharmacy states that their patient support is provided by health care professionals. The online pharmacy counseling pharmacist manager is an experienced and dual licensed individual, according to their website.

NorthwestPharmacy says their main accomplishments are the following: Satisfaction guaranteed, outstanding bilingual customer service support twenty four hours, seven days a week, secure purchasing method, safe shipping of the product, etc.

NorthwestPharmacy has made available a toll-free number and an email address for your convenience, making them pride themselves as being known for their great customer service and the high quality of their products. Northwest Pharmacy was awarded the “Shopper Approved Five Seal Award”. Its known to be one of the online drug stores on the world that has received this award. states to be known for its privacy policy, buyer confidence and product quality. Please share with us your own experience with NorthwestPharmacy.

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