Generic-Pharmacy Reviews

Generic-Pharmacy is a company that has been in business since 2002. The company states that its clients can save up to an 80% when purchasing products that meet with the World Health Organization standards from them.

At a client can find generic medications for men’s health (e.g. generic Viagra, generic Cialis, generic Levitra, generic Viagra oral jell, etc.), weight loss (e.g. generic Acomplia, generic Acai, generic Hoodia, etc.), cholesterol (e.g. generic Lipitor, generic Zocor), smoking, women’s health, family health, pain relief, gastric, antibiotics, skin care, birth control. After submitting an order, the customer will be directed to the company’s  SSL secure server. The client will also be asked a few questions regarding his or her health in order to inform him or her  about his or her physical condition. Generic-Pharmacy only partners with licensed physicians.

Generic medications are a copy of the same as brand-name medication, generics are as safe as brand name medications besides, these last ones have the same effect. Prices for generic medications at Generic Pharmacy are low (due to the low margins, small staff, batch shipping, more returning customers, no physical distribution center, by working online the company saves on rent fees and employees equipment).

Generic-Pharmacy protects customers’ information legally. The company’s system has safeguards so that the site is protected against credit card fraud. Generic Pharmacy only ships on work days. The products are not taken back after being dispatched, if the order doesn’t get to the customer, a refund will be done immediately or another parcel will be reshipped as per the client’s request. The website  offers a live support chat in English only.

Generic-Pharmacy counts with delivery, refund and privacy policies. Its disclaimer states that the buyer must be over 18 years old to order from their website. Besides the client can leave a message on the website so that later on a representative contact him or her and give the person the most proper answers for his or her questions.

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