Fly-Tying Videos


"Drop Bead Frenchie Fly"

"Using a drop/off set bead is a specifically useful technique for adding additional weight to smaller flies without...

"Vintage 1940s Streamer: Charlie Fox's Optic Bucktail"

"Any traditional streamer you tie can be turned into an optic simply with a couple of contrasting colors of paint."

"Tying a Dragonfly/Blue Damsel"

"It’s a complicated fly but great to have in the fly box."

"How to Tie the Hare's Ear"

"This fly is a great pattern for beginners to start learning how to tie nymphs."

"Extended Foam Body Yellow Sally Stonefly"

"From Dave Hughes' 'Essential Trout Flies,' this style of extended body can be used for all types of stonefly patterns."