15 Knot Tying Tips

If you want to up your knot tying game, then you need to read through this blog post from Dom Swentosky. He shares 15 knot tying tips that'll help you tie better knots, and there's some video to go along with it, too. You can read the story here.

Fly Fishing Knots 101

In this throwback article by the late Lefty Kreh, he explains some of the absolute must-know knots for anglers. You can read the story here.

Secrets of a Knot Junkie

If you're looking for ways to improve your knot game, then you need to read this story from Drew Price over at the Orvis blog. He's a self-proclaimed knot junkie, and goes into detail on the knots he uses on a regular basis. Read the story here.

Attaching Leader to Fly Line

Getting a good connection between your leader and fly line makes for a far more enjoyable casting and fishing experience. The trick is, of course, knowing how to tie the two pieces of material together. This story from Louis Cahill at Gink & Gasoline goes into detail on how you can attach leader to fly line. Read the story here.

The Only Fishing Knots You Need

The latest entry in Tom Rosenbauer's new how-to video series is about the only three knots you need as an angler. Knots are often tough to get just right, but if you focus on the three presented in this video, you'll know all you need to be successful on the water. See All Orvis Learning Center Fly Fishing Video Lessons

The Backing Barrel Sighter

This story comes to us from Dom Swentosky, over at Troutbitten. The story details a style of tight-line sighter indicators Dom calls "Backing Barrel Sighters." Dom also says these might be the best sighters ever, for tight-line nymphing. Read the story here.

Leaders for Coho Salmon

This video from Pacific Angler TV is a good look at different leader setups you can use while chasing coho salmon.

5 Reasons to Use the Uni Knot

The merits of various line tapers, rod tapers, and knots will always be sources of endless debate among fly anglers. Kent Klewein decided to weigh in recently, with his list of 5 reasons that he uses the Uni knot for trout fishing. You can read the post in full here.

Emergency Line Splicing

Louis Cahill recently wrote a piece that resonated pretty well with me. Cracked or broken fly line can end a day on the water, and it's happened to me more often than I'd like to admit. If you've ever been in that position before, you'll want to read through Cahill's piece.

Blood Knot vs. Triple Surgeon’s Knot

As Phil Monahan writes, “The debate over the relative values and strengths of the blood knot and the triple surgeon’s knot has raged for decades.” Learn why Joe Rotter from Red’s Fly Shop uses both in these instructional videos.