Orvis Podcast With Tom McGuane

Tom Rosenbauer recently had the chance to interview one of his literary heroes on the Orvis Podcast. Tom McGuane talks about his life in fishing, a love of fishing small trout streams, and what he thinks of guides who yell at their clients. It's a wonderful conversation between two icons of the sport. Listen to the podcast here.

5 Reasons Why Fly Fishing Will Boom in 2023

According to the folks over at Angling Trade, fly fishing is set for another boom year akin to 2020. A number of factors play into this prediction, which you can read through here.

Clint Eastwood's Advice on Fly Fishing

If you've ever wondered what the legendary Clint Eastwood had to say about fly fishing, you need to read this story by George Liset. He details advice from Eastwood - and John Gierach - that applies directly to the sport we all love so much. Read the story here.

Fishing Streamers is About Presentation

We've heard it countless times - streamer fishing is all about presentation. Shoot, most all of fly fishing boils down to that. But it's worth reiterating this point, if only to help us remember that we need to focus on perfecting our presentations, especially with streamers. That's why Louis Cahill wrote a new story about it, which you can read here.

Euro-Nymphing is Ruining Fly Fishing

In what is sure to be a controversial column, Joe Cermele argues over in Outdoor Life that Euro-nymphing is ruining fly fishing. Cermele's argument comes down to what he sees Euro-nymphing doing to the culture of fly fishing. You can find out if you agree with him by reading the story here.

Muskies Most Likely to Hit a Fly

Chris Hunt discusses some new evidence from a study that shows us which muskies are most likely to take your fly. According to the study, the muskie that show "low levels of exploration and aggression" are "preferentially captured." This explains, in part, why muskie are the fish of 10,000 casts. But the study also posits that catch-and-release fishing for...

AI-Generated Fish Pictures

Chad Shmukler shares some terrifying news in his latest for Hatch Magazine, especially if you've recently watched Terminator. AI (artificial intelligence) is getting eerily adept at creating pictures of fish, which would change the landscape of fly fishing media. You can read more about this new problem here.

How Invasive Species Create Fisheries

Kubie Brown penned this great story about invasive species that every fly angler should read. He confronts the fact that most of our favorite fishing in America depends on invasive species - like brown and rainbow trout. American fishing today would be vastly different if it weren't for these fish. You can read the rest of Brown's story here.

Would You Fish a Lure on a Fly Rod?

Joe Cermele poses this question to the fly fishing community at large in his latest for Field & Stream. Would you ever fish a lure on your fly rod? Some lures, after all, are smaller than the streamers we love to use. You can read through Joe's argument on the subject here.

Story: Why Winter?

In this story for Fly Fisherman Magazine, guide Boots Allen walks us through the slow but steady growth he's seen in guided trips during the year's coldest months. Fly fishing during winter offers different opportunities than the traditional summer season, and it seems to be growing in popularity. You can read the story here.