Drop Shot Nymphing

Drop shot nymphing is a wonderfully effective tactic, but knowing how to apply and adapt it is key to finding success. George Daniel dives into the nitty gritty of this technique in his latest over at Fly Fisherman Magazine, which you can read here.

How to Cast to Very Spooky Trout

Dave and Amelia Jensen have put together a great Orvis-exclusive Master Class Monday episode, where they detail how to cast to very spooky trout. It's a great video ahead of the spring fishing season, and you can view the entire thing here.

A Case for Fishing Dry Flies

Ed Engle has a wonderful little story in a Boulder, CO newspaper, in which he makes the case for fishing dry flies. It's fun to catch big fish on nymphs, Engle says, but he gets the most joy these days from fishing dry flies. Coming from someone who helped popularize many new nymphing tactics, that's an interesting statement. You can read his story here.

Beginner's Guide to Fly Fishing for Carp

If you're interested in getting after carp this year, then you need to read this story from Joe Cermele over in Outdoor Life. It's a fantastic guide to help you get started chasing carp. Find the complete story here.

Tandem Tactics for Trout

If you're curious about fishing two bugs at a time for trout - and let's be honest, who isn't? - then you need to read this piece by Louis Cahill. He gives some of his best tactics for fishing tandem flies, which can come in handy as the first mayfly hatches of the year start to pick up. Read the story here.

Understanding the Lateral Line

If you've ever wondered exactly how trout use their lateral line, then you need to read this post over on the Orvis blog. The post, and an accompanying video, dive into how you can use a trout's lateral line to help convince it to eat your flies. Read the story here.

Tying Tuesday: Fly Tying With Flip Pallot

Brian Flechsig managed to get something on camera that few people have ever done before - Flip Pallot tying flies. Flip joins Brian in this week's edition of Tying Tuesday to tie one of Flip's classic flies.

How to Cast a Heavy Streamer

If you're struggling to cast heavy streamers, you need to watch the latest installment in the Orvis beginning video series. Tom Rosenbauer walks you through all the technique you'll need to effectively fish these large bugs. You can view all the videos in the series here, and watch this one below.

Fishing Streamers is About Presentation

We've heard it countless times - streamer fishing is all about presentation. Shoot, most all of fly fishing boils down to that. But it's worth reiterating this point, if only to help us remember that we need to focus on perfecting our presentations, especially with streamers. That's why Louis Cahill wrote a new story about it, which you can read here.

How to Touch Dub

No matter how much I tie flies, I always find something new to try out, be it a pattern or new technique. This technique from Tim Flagler is called touch dubbing, and it helps create an extra-buggy effect on some flies. You can learn how to do it via this post over on the Orvis blog.