How to Cast to Very Spooky Trout

Dave and Amelia Jensen have put together a great Orvis-exclusive Master Class Monday episode, where they detail how to cast to very spooky trout. It's a great video ahead of the spring fishing season, and you can view the entire thing here.

Tying Tuesday: A Perfect Woolly Bugger

For this week's Tying Tuesday, we're keeping it classic with one of the O.G. patterns - the Woolly Bugger. But this tutorial - from the folks at Fly Fish Food - purports to show you a technique to tie these perfectly. Who wouldn't want a perfect woolly bugger?

Tying Tuesday: Fly Tying With Flip Pallot

Brian Flechsig managed to get something on camera that few people have ever done before - Flip Pallot tying flies. Flip joins Brian in this week's edition of Tying Tuesday to tie one of Flip's classic flies.

How to Cast a Heavy Streamer

If you're struggling to cast heavy streamers, you need to watch the latest installment in the Orvis beginning video series. Tom Rosenbauer walks you through all the technique you'll need to effectively fish these large bugs. You can view all the videos in the series here, and watch this one below.

How to Touch Dub

No matter how much I tie flies, I always find something new to try out, be it a pattern or new technique. This technique from Tim Flagler is called touch dubbing, and it helps create an extra-buggy effect on some flies. You can learn how to do it via this post over on the Orvis blog.

Tying Tuesday: The Klinkhammer

This week's Tying Tuesday features a fly that the folks over at Mainely Flies call "better than a parachute Adams." That's a tall bar to clear. Does the Klinkhammer actually do it? Watch the video to see for yourself if this pattern can supplant the venerable parachute Adams.

How to Rig a Streamer

The fine folks over at Orvis have been releasing new short videos that cover all sorts of fly fishing tactics. The most recent of these videos features Tom Rosenbauer walking you through how to rig up a streamer on a fly rod. You can watch the video below, and browse through the other videos in this series, here.

Tying Tuesday: Parachute Emerger

This week's edition of Tying Tuesday comes to us from Charlie Craven. He shows you how to tie a parachute emerger, which is a must-have pattern for spring fishing. I love this little fly, and I always have some on hand here in the Rockies.

Tying Tuesday: Randy's Baetis

In this edition of Tying Tuesday, Charlie Craven walks us through tying up Randy's Baetis. This little nymph pattern has all the makings of a trout staple, and I'll probably be tying up a few of these for spring fishing.

Film Release: Over the Guardrail

The folks over at Fly Fisherman Magazine have released a new film, titled "Over the Guardrail." It's less a film that focuses on fly fishing, and more a story of having fun in your own backyard, with a few trout and bass caught along the way. The film premiered to a sold-out crowd at Troegs Independent Brewing in Hershey, PA, on January 21. The event...