Author: johnnysain

"Fishing the Iconic River Deveron"

"Affordable, exciting, and stunning wild trout fishing in the northeast of Scotland on the famous River Deveron."

"Sight Fishing in New Zealand's Backcountry"

"Challenging but very rewarding fishing. What a stunning place."

"Drop Mend for Strike Indicator Fishing"

"This overhand style mending gives you the control you need to slowly drive the indicator where it needs to go."

"Accessible Public Trout Fishing"

"We visit the Parklands region of western Manitoba which has lots of public access to trophy trout fishing waters."

"Golden Dorado in Argentina"

"A monster of a fish in one of the most remote and secluded places in the world."

"Warm Weather Winter Fishing"

"I don’t like warm winter weather. That may sound weird to say but from a fishing perspective it can be frustrating."

"Silver Addicts Episode 2: River Ness and River Oich' Spring Salmon"

"The rivers in this part of the world are known to be one of the first places in the UK you can expect to catch a Salmon, and as they say 'you've got to be in it to win it'."

Six Foolproof Tips to Catch Fewer and Smaller Trout

Most anglers tend to focus on big fish, or lots of fish, or lots of big fish.  While I’ll admit there’s a certain allure to that approach, there are also times it pays to look at things from a slightly different perspective.  So after guiding on rivers like the Madison and the Henry’s Fork, and running a fly fishing school, and writing more angling...

"Will Economic Development Ruin Fishing, Hunting, and the Outdoors?"

"A common concern is that economic development will ruin all outdoors activities. But what does economics have to say about this? Dr. Ben Meadows breaks down a simple tool to understand the impacts."

"Hunting the Hunters: Dragonflies Along the Reedbeds"

"Lake fly fishing for big brown trout during the dragonfly hatch is exciting."